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Biography of Shaul Kosman

Musician, architect and artist are the three facets of Shaul Kosman`s talented and creative personality. Shaul Kosman (Kvoshas) was born in Lithuania in Kaunas, in 1959. He graduated academy of arts in 1983 in Vilnius. Kosman was raised in the atmosphere of classic European architecture in Baltic. Since childhood he played jazz and painted.

After immigrating to Israel in 1997, the love for classic shapes and jazz music transferred into a deep understanding of the pulse of the modern city. His paintings are a rich combination of acrylic and oil paint layered and textured using tools, spoons and other utensils. His expansive use of vibrant and brilliant colors enhances the content of his work and draws the viewer into his world.
In addition to his accomplishments as an artist, Kosman finds great joy in his ability to play various musical instruments. Since childhood, he played jazz and painted during his free time, and these passions are ever present in his visual art pieces.
Having grown up in the historic Baltic region of Eastern Europe, surrounded by elegant, classical buildings and palaces, he has found a central theme and inspiration for his paintings. He sees his paintings as a unique combination of the spontaneity of jazz, as well as the structures within architecture. Visually speaking, these elements of inspiration for Kosman are depicted throughout his compositions, where architectural references and musical instruments intermingle within a rich acrylic palette. Kosman`s application is thick and highly textured, as he builds up layers of vibrant color. Kosman`s ultimate goal is to seduce the viewers of his work into a heaven of musical lightness and festiveness.

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